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"In the middle of each difficulty lies opportunity"
-Albert Einstein

It is an unequivocal fact that life can sometimes come with pain, confusion and devastation.  We may sometimes encounter situations that seem impossible to overcome, and we wonder if the pain will ever end. Confiding in others may be difficult because we fear that they may judge us, reject us or may not understand. My belief is that our painful experiences and regretful choices of the past do not represent the sum-total of who we are. I believe that through counselling with a trusted therapist that one feels connected to, it is possible to obtain a better understanding of ourselves and our experiences, and in so doing open the door to healing and positive change. I am always humbled, awed and inspired by the strength and courage that my clients demonstrate despite the struggles they may have encountered in life. It speaks to the inherent strength that lies within us as humans and how, if we tap into that power within, we have the ability to grow in ways that may amaze us.

My Counselling Style 

I graduated with a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology from Yorkville University and find my work as a counsellor very fulfilling. It gives me great joy to see my clients heal from pain and adversity and embrace the joys of life once again. I am a Certified Trauma- Informed Stabilization Treatment (TIST / Ego State Therapy / Parts Work) practitioner . TIST is a therapy model that is effective for complex trauma, self-sabotaging behaviours, imposter syndrome , emotional care-taking, people pleasing, harsh inner critic and other repetitive problematic behaviours that are rooted in trauma. I am also a trained EMDR Therapist. In addition, I also have training in Hakomi Somatic Therapy, a therapy which uses the wisdom of the body to process trauma in the body, which is where trauma resides. I also have extensive training and specialize in the area of Narcissistic Abuse Recovery and therapy for Adult Children of Narcissistic Parenting. My main focus is the trauma. We don't just talk about the trauma, we use evidence-based therapies address and process it !!

I take the time to listen and understand you and your unique experiences as an individual. Together, and with your agreement, we formulate a treatment plan and therapeutic interventions that work best, are specific to you and that are tailored to the uniqueness of your experience.

My counselling practice is informed and regulated by the Canadian Counselling & Psychotherapy Association (CCPA), whose ethical principles I adhere to. As a member of the CCPA, my services are normally covered by Equitable Life, Green Shield Canada, Manulife Insurance Company, Pacific Blue Cross and Sunlife Insurance Company of Canada. Your extended healthcare benefits may also cover counselling services. Please check with your insurance provider prior to booking if you require your insurance to cover our sessions.

I ensure that I remain up-to-date with new and current research so that you have access to the best treatments. I offer virtual counselling so that you can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of e-counselling and telephone counselling within a safe and confidential protected platform. No matter where you are, I am here for you.



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